About My Major

15 Nov

When I was figuring out how to write the perfect fictional story in elementary school, little did I know trying to get my work done would develop into a passion for writing. Whether it’s emailing back a professor or sending a text message to a friend, I’ve always been the type of person who carefully crafts their words. Originally I was aiming for a career in marine biology because of my appreciation for aquatic animals and my liking of math; but when I realized my real happiness was writing I made it my top priority. Now that I’ve stepped into journalism, I feel like there’s no stepping back and no stopping till I get my goal of being an editor of an enriching magazine.

The journalism and mass communications department at San Jose State University has been everything I was hoping for. From the professors who have experience in the field, to myself starting back up the magazine club as president, the magazine journalism program has helped me develop myself as a journalist. When I help out my classmates if they struggle to find a source for their story or a way to start their lead, I feel like I’ve brought journalism a step forward in providing people with credible and vital information. I haven’t always known it, but journalism has always been a part of me.

My Future

15 Nov

Even though I take my life one day at a time, I am always aiming for the best when it comes to my future. Five years from now, I see myself having graduated college and exploring my career. I would like to start off writing for newspapers while also freelancing for magazines such as Time, Vanity Fair or a business-to-business magazine focused on healthcare. I would also like to encourage multimedia journalism by showing the world why print and online are both equally important factors to maintaining the awareness and safety of society.

But before I settle into my career, I would also like to do international volunteer work. I would like to help out children in third-world countries by teaching them and by bringing them crocheted scarves and clothing I would make myself. Knowing that other countries don’t have the same first amendment rights that we as Americans do inspires me to want to help. I’d also like to see myself getting more involved in outdoor activities such as snowboarding and rock climbing. I’d like to make myself the most well-rounded person I can be before I settle down.

About Samantha

15 Nov

I grew up in parts of Los Angeles as well as Riverside and San Diego. College brought me to Northern California where I plan to pursue a career in journalism. Some beats I might be interested in focusing my writing on would be healthcare, crime and/or business. My ultimate goal is become the editor of a magazine like Time or Newsweek. When I’m not focusing my attention on studying at San Jose State University, I am running on the SJSU Track & Field Club as well as being president of the SJSU Magazine Club.

Currently, I work part-time as a server at a family sushi restaurant in Campbell where I have been since August 2012. I have more than 3 years’ experience in retail and sales, but am now interested in gaining more restaurant experience. During my off-time, I enjoy taking trips back down to Southern California to visit my family. I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in spring 2014, apply for jobs after college, and then apply to graduate school. I hope to utilize my career to travel and network with others. Till then, I’ll take life one day at a time.



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